What does a Vinyl Record lover love more than Vinyl? Even more Vinyl! That is what inspired the Vinyfix 140 and 180 Series.

Vinyfix sticker



Both are the result of a nostalgic quest for simplicity and authenticity

to stripp everything down to the essential: Vinyl and Metal!


The registered designs are a minimalistic and ingenious combination of upcycled vinyl record rejects from European pressing plants and black coated metal, imitating the glossy surface of records.

Both Series are handmade in the Czech Republic, the home of Vinyfix, but more importantly a former epicenter of industrial design and still today Europe‘s center for records and turntable manufacturing. 

As the only plastic Vinyfix likes is vinyl, the entire packaging is made of recyclable materials and the practical box containing the 140 and 180 Series can simply be reused for the storage of records on shelves. 

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Vinyfix sticker